The Evolution of an Idea

In the 1990s, I wanted to be a rock star, so I set off to the Indiana University of Pennsylvania to study music. A few short years later, it was clear I needed a back-up plan.

I finally graduated and set off on my career, but still continued to play music, write, and even managed to record my first album, Nowhere’s Limits. I had always intended to continue to write and eventually record a second album, but my career soon took me to places all over the world, traveling nearly half of each year. I always held on to A Collection of Sorts, which was meant to be the title of my next album and I had even purchased the domain.

As the years quickly passed, there was less time for writing and performing music. But I did manage to pick up a few new hobbies and passions along the way, namely, food, cooking, wine, and cocktails. So I decided to not let A Collection of Sorts sit around any longer – it was time to repurpose it and evolve the idea.



Here are some of my favorite recipes. Some have been handed down, some I’ve tweaked from the Internet, some are my own creation, and some are happy accidents. Enjoy!